Little you know is that more than 550 women lose their battle against ovarian cancer every year. There are numerous things that cause ovarian cancer and some of the typical causes include age, genetic predisposition and inadequate use of oral contraceptives. Although the symptoms of ovarian cancer aren’t noticeable, if women are able to see them before situation gets out of control – they can win the battle. Nearly 80% of all women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer when this cancer is at advanced stage.

  1. Frequent backaches

If you are not struggling from any type of joint pain or osteoporosis, then these backaches might be a sign or side effect of developing ovarian cancer.

  1. Pain in the stomach and pelvis

If you are going through any type of pain in the stomach or the pelvis, don’t overlook it. Go and see a doctor right away!

  1. Irregular cycles

A recent study has concluded that women older than 55 years have higher chances of developing ovarian cancer. Although, this doesn’t mean that young women are entirely safe. There are numerous cases in the world when ovarian cancer occurs in girls that haven’t got their first cycle.

  1. Frequent exhaustion for no reason

Nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor appetite and frequent drowsiness– these are all indicators that can be related to women battling with ovarian cancer. Nearly 80% of women have minimum one of these symptoms before the ovarian cancer becomes detected.

  1. Getting full easily

This, so called sense of fullness is another crucial and most common symptom of ovarian cancer. A lot of women in the world are tricked by this symptom. They believe it’s a digestive problem, but they are completely wrong. If you’re struggling with this symptom, make certain you go see a doctor as soon as possible!

  1. Pain during sexual intercourse

According to the Medical News Today magazine, this is another powerful symptom and indicator that you are in the early stages of ovarian cancer. We can also say that this refers to the need to urinate more regularly and more urgently, and you will experience pain and pressure in the pelvic area. It doesn’t matter if the pain is less or more frequent – make sure you see a doctor right away!

  1. Vomiting

Jeffrey Stern, a famous American gynecologist, claims that ovarian cancer often triggers constipation in women. Eventually, this situation results in nausea, vomiting and weigh loss.

  1. Bloated stomach

If you see that your belly swells like the one of a pregnant lady, then you need to see a doctor immediately. This is another dangerous sign that you developed ovarian cancer.

  1. Excessive growth of hair and dark hair

Although this is not a casual symptom of ovarian cancer we must not overlook it. It is also worth mentioning that instead of excessive hair growth some women are going through serious hair loss.

  1. Frequent constipation

The ovarian cancer has direct effect on the digestive system and the stomach and this impact is the most powerful when the ovarian cancer is in the early stage. According to Medline Plus, when you feel pain in the stomach area, other symptoms can occur: digestive problems, loss of appetite and gases. If you notice any of these problems, pay your doctor a visit immediately.