Discover The Power Of Putting Salt and Sugar Under Your Tongue


Discover The Power Of Putting Salt and Sugar Under Your Tongue

People who suffer from insomnia, Salt and Sugar is the perfect combination to be effective to reconcile and have a good sleep. This will help you sleep quickly.


Being insomnia a disorder that causes problems to fall asleep, sometimes we have trouble sleeping all night or wake up being difficult to go back to sleep, this is due to the stress we carry permanently, and as a result the next day you will face a terrible level of energy.

Physical and emotional stress is one of the main causes of insomnia produced by biochemical action that interferes with the production of sleep hormones. This is where salt and sugar play an important role, since they control stress hormones and take them to a normal cycle so that sleep is not interrupted.

We all know that consuming salt and sugar in excess affects our health, but if we do it moderately, benefits are achieved such as:

It helps you overcome your spirits

Strengthens the immune system

It increases the levels of serotonin and electrolytes

It gives you more energy

It is stressful

Fight the headache


1 tablespoon of unrefined sea salt

5 teaspoons of brown sugar


Mix the salt with sugar and put it in a sterilized glass jar.

Before going to bed, you should put a small amount of this mixture under the tongue and let it dissolve slowly.

The sodium that salt has allows the cells to have adequate breathing giving energy.

Sugar acts as a bacterium for cells since glucose is a reliable energy supplement for mitochondria (cellular organelles responsible for supplying most of the energy for cellular respiration.

According to health specialist Matt Stone says that the mixture of salt and sugar is an absolute necessity for situations of tension during the night.