5 Types Of Women Who Do Not Attract Modern Men


5 Types Of Women Who Do Not Attract Modern Men


There is barely any woman in the world that wouldn’t like to know the secret how to seduce any man with just a glance. However, men are not that predictable these days anymore. The thing is that with the changes to modern society the tastes of men change as well and that is why something that was turning men on some time ago is not going to work out these days.

That is why we decided to share with you a list of five women types that men are certainly not attracted to. Do not take your chance by trying to be one of those unless you are certain that none of the described below images would affect you in any way!

1. Femme fatal

These days this is not something you would like to pull off in front of men. If you like to be independent and strong – there is nothing wrong with but trying to make everyone see and believe it – too much, so keep it in mind!

2. Poor thing

Trying to look like someone who is badly in need of someone’s strong hands does not work these days either. The thing is that men do not really like for the victim unless you want to find yourself a tyrant.

3. Bad girl

The times when men were head over heels about bad girls are long gone. That is why if you try hard enough to look like one it is inevitable that you will end up alone.

4. Little Fool

Men do not like silly girls at no to the point to get serious with them. If you do not know how to deal with the world, there is a slight chance that will be willing to do it for both of you.

5. Bitch

Men are different these days, and if the image of a bitchy woman was attractive some time ago these days men wouldn’t even know how to behave around you, there is certainly not something you would want.