10 Marriage Problems – How To Deal With Them And Prevent Divorce


10 Marriage Problems – How To Deal With Them And Prevent Divorce


For some, the chance of a divorce is very slight, while for others, the chance of divorce is actually greater than fifty percent. It is true, more than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. How can we prevent it? Is it possible?

Robert J. Lewis is a famous divorce attorney from USA who decided to share his observations and help couples save their marriage. Believe us, if you will follow his tips, you will strengthen a relationship with your partner and prevent divorce.

In this article, we would like to show you ten tips to deal with ten common marriage problems in order to overcome conflicts in relationships. Are you interested? Scroll down to read this useful article right now.

1. What you see is what you get

Stop thinking that you may change your partner and encourage him to succeed. You should marry the one you love without trying to change him.

2. It takes two people to fight

People often blame one spouse or another for the divorce. However, Robert J. Lewis claims that both partners are always guilty for divorce. And those who think differently are doomed to unhappy relationships in the future.

3. People change

People change with time. Sometimes they change in a good way and sometimes they change in a bad way. Plenty of factors affect these changes such as, health state, childbirth, moving or financial problems. If you want to save a marriage, you should always be flexible and tolerant.

4. It is never too late

You always have a chance to save your marriage no matter what age you both are. All you need to do is to listen to each other and weigh the pros and cons of divorce.

5. Little kids – big problems

One-third of marriages end in divorce in the first three years after childbirth. Childbirth is a serious test, which will definitely change the life of both partners. In order to save marriage after childbirth, both partners should accept these changes and support each other.

6. Everything you say can be used against you

Don’t dig the dirt on your ex husband after divorce, as it may turn against you. Be polite and respective.

7. Divorce is not a punishment

Do you threaten divorce when you are mad at your partner? This may damage your marriage and lead to real divorce. Never use divorce to punish.

8. Focus on facts

When it comes to the court proceedings, your emotions don’t matter. “Don’t be emotional, focus on facts,” – says the lawyer. Did your husband ever beat you? Give actual evidence. When your husband knows you record all his actions officially, he will keep his hands to himself. If you are okay with this kind of relationship, this tip is perfect for you.

9. Cheating is not that huge problem

Robert J. Lewis doesn’t think that cheating is a reason to get a divorce. Cheating can happen and it is very important to find a way to get over it – draw conclusions and move on.

10. Appreciate your partner.

The lawyer thinks that marriages end because spouses stop pleasing each other and saying inspiring and supportive things.